About Us

Founded in 2013 by Samuel Cromwell, CoP is comprised of a group of approximately 37 dynamic voices from some of the leading church choirs around the Washington Metropolitan area that were brought together from various denominations to develop the crisp, unique sound of “Composition of Praise.” Their combined voices demonstrate a vast repertoire of traditional and contemporary gospel music. Since CoP’s existence, the group has ministered in the Washington Metropolitan area for weddings, church services, basketball games, theater productions, community events and revivals, to name a few. CoP’s mission is to help people of all faiths to understand the Word of God and build understanding, unity, and love, through music.

With our mission firmly in place, CoP ministers with the intention of positively impacting our society and have also been afforded the opportunity to minister and teach in various cities in Italy including Brescia, Gardone, Piacenza, Fano, and Urbino.

Composition of Praise not only ministers the gospel through music and sound but teaches its cultural significance through dynamic workshops. Our powerful, educational and informative workshops vary in topics from building a choir and vocal training, to teaching about the history and origins of gospel music and its influence on various genres of music throughout history. Through our journey of delivering the gospel and educating the public, we have reached amazing milestones that speak to the importance of our work, such as sold-out workshops and performances, singing the national anthem at professional basketball games, performing at the Arts and Cultural Center in Sugarland, Texas and being invited overseas to Italy to perform and teach. These milestones are evidence that the need for our services exists and speak volumes to the profound significance gospel music has on our culture today.